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Press Release


Emerging Techwear Brand Launches Inaugural Line for Women
Techwear newcomer IDENTITYrx paves the way for women with “Illuminate” line of accessories.

SAN DIEGO (Nov. 19, 2018) - Techwear is a traditionally male-focused sub-genre of fashion that relies on heavy hardware, hyper-functionality, minimalism and urban flair. IDENTITYrx out of California, hopes to make waves with an all-women brand that feminizes some traditional techwear schematics and adopts others as they are.

IDENTITYrx, a techwear fashion brand for women, has just emerged and cultivated their first line called Illuminate. The collection is made up of four distinct accessories: a body harness, a handbag, a face mask and a choker. The uniting visual theme between the four products is a clear and acrylic body with heavy-metal hardware, which expands on the transparent-accessory design trends in fashion old, and new.

Illuminate launched with a presale on Saturday, November 17, and products can be purchased at This line of luxury items is a teaser for a larger arsenal of apparel that will be forthcoming from the brand in 2019. Visit the IDENTITYrx website to learn more about the Illuminate line and the future of the brand.

IDENTITYrx stands at the crux of utility and futurism with techwear apparel and accessories for women that are design savvy, tough and minimal. Inspired by fashion moods such as health goth and cyberpunk, but transcendent to categorization, IDENTITYrx is a conduit for women to experience the paradigm shift in futuristic and functional fashion.