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Lingerie As Streetwear



Spice Up Your Outfit by Wearing Lingerie as Streetwear

Written By: Jie Kuang

If you want to unleash your sexy side outside the bedroom, you’re not alone. Break out that cute bustier you’ve been dying to wear and incorporate it into your everyday outfits. It’s not uncommon to see a delicate lacy piece paired with joggers and the newest Off-White sneaker drop.

Especially with festival style reigning supreme in fashion right now, both women and men have been taking lingerie to the streets. It’s a fun and flirty way to spice up an outfit. You’ll find trendsetters sporting both soft and edgy looks with pieces that were normally reserved for the eyes of an intimate partner. But now, you have the opportunity to show off your lingerie in a way where every detail can be truly appreciated.

If you’ve been dying to try out the lingerie as streetwear trend, here are a few easy tips on how you can incorporate it into your everyday outfits.


Add a Blazer

There’s no easier way to stay chic than adding a blazer to your outfit. If you have a cute bustier that’s just sitting in the back of your lingerie drawer, here’s your chance to pull it out! Layering a blazer on top of a sexy piece like a bustier will add a bit of edginess to your outfit.

Photo by:  Lana Alicia

Photo by: Lana Alicia

Mom Jeans

Who can deny a comfy pair of mom jeans? Lingerie is generally form fitting. So, paired with a pair of loose fitting high-waisted mom jeans will be a cute contrast. You’ll look sexy without compromising on comfort. This is a great outfit for hanging out with friends or brunching with your girlfriends.


Speaking of comfy, you can’t go without a comfortable pair of joggers. Embrace your cozy side and slip a pair over a bodysuit or pair it with a bralette. Nothing screams streetwear more than a great pair of joggers. You’ll look like you put a lot of effort into your outfit even if you’re just running errands for the day.


There’s no edgier accessory than a harness. It’s not reserved for BDSM anymore and can easily work with any outfit. Some harness accessories may be edgier than others, so it’s up to you on the type of harness you want to wear. Layer on top of a clean t-shirt or even a dress when you’re going out for a night. Be prepared because you’ll definitely turn a few heads!

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Leather Jacket

Now, if you’re going for an edgy look, layer a leather jacket over your lingerie. This look is so easy to nail, especially if you’re reaching for all black pieces. Pairing delicate lace with leather will soften the harshness of your look.

Athletic Apparel

Athleisure is still alive and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Sports bras are undeniably comfortable and so easy to just wear as a replacement for a top. Whether you choose to wear with long high-waisted yoga pants or a baggy pair of sweat pants, sports bras can easily spice up your athletic wear.

Sheer Dress

There’s no denying that sheer is sexy. Now, wearing a sheer dress takes finesse, but can definitely be done. The key to wearing a sheer dress as streetwear is layering. You can wear it with biker shorts and a bra and possibly even adding a jacket on top if you want to cover up a bit more. Take the risk! Be the little rebel you are and make it work.


Bodysuits are a great alternative to a basic t-shirt. It’s easily versatile and can be worn with a ton of different outfits. Bodysuits come in many different shapes and fabrics nowadays that you’ll definitely find one that will fit any occasion. If you’re going casual, pair your bodysuit with a nice pair of jeans. Going to an event? Add a skirt on top with a strappy pair of heels. Even as festival wear, you may just need a few accessories and you’re ready to head out the door!

Slips as Dresses

Don’t have a dress to wear to your event? Rip the tags off that silk slip in your closet and wear it as a dress. It’s cute minimalistic chic and will look great with a pair of heels. You may even be able to pair it with a cool pair of sneakers if you’re just hanging out with friends for the day. Many times, nobody will be able to tell that it’s a slip and just think you’re wearing a beautiful silk dress.

With Sneakers

Dress down your lingerie with a great pair of sneakers. Now, I’m not talking about the beat up pair that you wear to the gym every day. Pair it with some Vans or Chucks to get the casual streetwear look going. This is a great way to take lingerie to the streets while still staying comfortable in what you’re wearing.

At the end of the day, you should wear what you want. It’s your body and you should take the opportunity to celebrate it! Whether it’s layering a harness over a basic t-shirt or pairing a bodysuit with jeans, you’ll find something that will fit your style. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Take a piece and run with it, especially if you’re a lingerie junkie. Chances are, you’ll be receiving a ton of compliments the day you walk out of the house in that lacy piece that has been collecting dust in the back of your lingerie drawer.