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IDENTITYrx The Comic

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Set in the distant future, discover the world of IDENTITYrx. Where the powers of cosmic forces are within ancient relics. The power of those who posses them are infinite. But is it all what it seems?

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Rin is haunted by the abuse of her past relationships. And as a child, she’s had dreams of mysterious beings visiting her. Little does she know that her dreams are fortune-telling of her future.


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Ashla is a mysterious being that appears when Rin first wears the choker. Nothing much is known about her, besides her navigating her space craft. She tells Rin that she’s the Alpha as they both board the ship.

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Mysterious Choker
On a regular afternoon, a gift appears on Rin’s doorstep. Inside is a glowing triangle choker. Hypnotized by its energy, Rin tries on the choker and it immediately gives her super strength. But who dropped it at her doorstep? And how did Ashla know she received it?