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Who's That Girl?


Who's That Girl?

Nicole Quiroz


Marlee Valencia: Life Inside the Modern Model
She is more than just a pretty face. Serial creative Marlee Valencia is the quintessential modern model - owning and managing several businesses, creating art and of course, serving face in front of the camera.

Modeling is what the San Diego native is known for best. Colleagues who have worked with her call her a natural, while fans gawk over her out-of-this-world feminine features. While being a model has many perks, it also presents a reality that many female models have encountered - being taken advantage of.

“The two biggest challenges I’ve faced while being a model are people testing my boundaries and not taking me seriously,” admitted Valencia. Although she won’t reveal details of these instances, she urges new models this: “Be professional and do not compromise your boundaries for anything or anyone. Use social media to your advantage. If someone tries to make you pay to be a model, it’s probably a scam.”


Beyond modeling, Valencia’s daily routine includes running a visual marketing production company with her boyfriend, managing her uber popular online store on Depop, making and recording music, fashion designing and more. Her unconventional path after college (she has a degree in social media) may raise some conservative eyebrows, but Valencia is a natural-born hustler. Her talent and determination have proven to be a success - especially being a female in this modern day.

“Own your shit and do whatever you wanna do regardless of what anyone has to say about it, or how anyone tries to downplay it because of your gender.”

Amen, girl.


Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite Color: Brown
Song: “Fragile” by Capsize
Band: AFI
Book: Crushing It, The 4 Agreements, Seth Speaks, An Eternal Golden Braid
Sunset or sunrise: Sunset
Ocean or mountains: Ocean
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Pet peeve: When people are inconsiderate of others, play the victim or don’t accept responsibility
Describe yourself in three words: Dying to bloom
What is your dream job: Musician, singer, songwriter, producer
Describe your style in three words: Cozy, black, silver
Who do you admire most: Every person I see putting themselves out there and trying
If a movie was made about your life, who would play you? A young queen, Inka Williams
A podcast you recommend: Lately I’ve been listening to Gary V, Chris Delia Congratulations, Joe Rogan, The Bunt, Lead Singer Syndrome. If you’re reading this, give me recommendations!
A fashion item you can't live without: My silver hardware backpack