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Announcing Illuminate: The collection that will shift your perspective on fashion

Nicole Quiroz

Blog Cover Photo.jpg

IDENTITYrx stands at the crux of utility and futurism. Our minimalistic designs, tough-femme motifs, and fulcrum of urbanity will transform your wardrobe and your self-perception.
When you think of outfit options in your closet, you dress them up with handbags and jewelry and belts but what if you could transform your wardrobe with items that aren’t just fluff? What if instead of accessorizing in a way that’s distracting, inconvenient, or perceived as indulgent, your accessories were tactical, streamlined, and badass?

You can choose to be anyone you want to be. For those who choose tough, unapologetic, and innovative with a sweep of unprecedented fashion savvy, we present the Illuminate collection from IDENTITYrx.


The Illuminate Harness

Fortune favors the bold, so why not double up on bold? This head-turning accessory is perfect for anyone who clothes themselves with any manner of surprises in mind. Wearing a harness will give any outfit the astronautical, cerebral, cyberpunk vibe it needs, while boasting a thoughtful sort of calculative appeal. This isn’t the sort of accessory you just thrown on, on your way out the door. It’s selected with an edge and shrewdness that doesn’t suit every palate. However, its wearability is immaculate. While other tactical vests and belts feel heavy and commanding, our harness beckons the same power without the burden.

Anyone who looks at this harness and thinks: “That woman is a force,” should try it on. What would you do today if you felt your own force with every step?


The Illuminate Multi-Functional Bag

Handbags are strange. We use a purse or handbag to house our stuff, so that we’re always prepared and yet most bags are reported as heavy, unwieldy, and disorganized? Pare down the extra fluff you’re always carrying around and take the necessities in our Illuminate multi-functional bag. It’s cross-body chain strap is tough but trim, able to stay with you as you move through your day, without getting in the way. The considered and architected shape can hold all of your particulars without hassle. And that heavy-duty clasp is going nowhere. Unlike most handbags that up your style, this one doesn’t skimp on its industry.

Compare this bag to other tactical bags on the scene, too. You’ll find that again, the Illuminate multi-functional purse has outdone its weight class – among the heavy-handed hip-packs and tactical bags you usually see, this one is slim, feminine, and ultra-modern for a cyber-goth revival you didn’t know you needed in your life… until now.


The Illuminate Choker

Jewelry has been adorning our bodies since we were all tribal people. It’s a way for us to express our stature, nod to our heritage, or make a variety of other statements. What statement are your usual accessories making? “I’m average.” “I don’t know what I want.” and “Ignore this.” need not apply. You are so much more than that.

The Illuminate Choker is designed for renegade woman who absolutely disregard convention, cosmetic anonymity, and simplicity in favor of considered minimalism and future-focused presence. The caveat is, you cannot wear this choker submissively or it will wear you. We have built our Illuminate Choker to be tall on the neck with a heavy-metal vibe that matches every outfit, but few personalities – only those who walk through life with facility and magnetism can match this piece.


Illuminate Face Mask

Masks are a staple of the urban gothic approach to style. The world is harsh, unforgiving, and hell-bent on infiltrating your focus. This Avant Garde expression of self-reliance rounds out our collection with a full stop. With industry and galactic futurism as muses, this mask was built as a heavy metal sentiment about our response to the environments we don’t control. This dramaturgic quasi-garment is less about the wearable practicality of other face masks, and instead serves as a pillar item for the collection – a capstone of biomechanical intelligibility.

If you’ll be spending 2019 in a new skin, IDENTITYrx wants to be your shell. Illuminate is just a teaser for the many collections we’ll run in the coming year that will transform your wardrobe, your lifestyle, and your self perception. Metamorphose with IDENTITYrx. -KN