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Alternative Lingerie Brand IDRX Breaks Barriers with Badass Comic at Comic-Con


Alternative Lingerie Brand IDRX Breaks Barriers with Badass Comic at Comic-Con
A team of tough babes, decked in IDRX harnesses, chokers, and gear, will take to the streets of downtown San Diego during Comic-Con, handing out copies of the Volume 1 of the comic.

San Diego, CA – IDRX ( will make history as the first alternative lingerie brand to feature their own comic. The comic will be unveiled during Comic-Con under the iconic Gaslamp sign in Downtown, July 20th from 11 AM to 2 PM.

During these hours, a team of models decked out in IDRX chokers, harnesses, and other accessories will be handing out Volume 1 of the comic to Con attendees and passersby.

Among the models will be known singer and model Ki (@eyeamki on Instagram) and original IDRX babe Marlee (@mxrlee on Instagram).

Anyone who shares pictures of the models and the comic online will earn IDRX swag. The models will also be doing takeovers of the IDRX Instagram (@weareidentityrx) and sharing snippets of the event on their own profiles.

The comic features a sexy female main character who receives a mysterious package which, after opening, is revealed to be a choker. The woman dons the choker and is strangled, then attacked by a male perpetrator. To her rescue comes a woman decked in black who whisks her away to safety. In the end of Volume 1, the main character morphs into a tough badass like the woman who saved her. This is a comic about femme sexuality, transformation, women supporting women. 

The purpose of this activation is to raise awareness for the brand and connect to the interests of Con attendees.

More information about IDRX in general and about the history, background, and future volumes of the comic can be found at the IDRX website linked below.


About IDRX – IDRX is an alternative fashion brand featuring sex-positive and urban accessories for every kind of badass babe. Founded in 2018 by Nicole Quiroz, the brand aims to empower womxn and femmes to own their sexuality, love their bodies, and express themselves. IDRX products offer a break from traditional lingerie aesthetic and provide wearers with quality and confidence.